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AIRHEAD Mega-Slice

Item# AHSSL-4
Airhead® Mega-Slice™

MEGA-SLICE is a colossal 100 inch diameter (deflated size) addition to AIRHEADs SLICE-series, the industry standard in deck tubes. The exclusive tapered profile, thick at the front and thin at the back, enhances your tubing experience. The thicker front allows a more natural and comfortable rider position and prevents "submarining". It's super easy to climb onto MEGA-SLICE from the water because its thin at the back and has 5 boarding straps to grab onto.

The 8 deluxe handles with neoprene knuckle guards provide a great grip for 1, 2, 3 or 4 riders. An Indy Cap covers the Boston valve. Connect MEGA-SLICE to an AIRHEAD Tube Anchor and you have an instant swim platform!
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