Airmar NMEA 0183 USB Converter

Airmar NMEA 0183 USB Converter
Item# WS-USB

Product Description

Airmar NMEA 0183 USB Converter
When you want to connect an Airmar WeatherStation® Instrument to a PC and run Airmar's WeatherCaster­™ software, a USB Converter provides a plug and play interface. The WeatherStation unit attaches to the Converter via a plug-in cable and a 1.8 m (6’) USB lead, which then outputs data to the PC. The Converter also includes a 1.8 m (6’) power cord for supplying 12 V power to the USB box and connected WeatherStation instrument.

Plug and Play to PC
NMEA 0183 Output
USB Connection
For WeatherStations®
For Smart™ Sensors

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