Airmar R209 —2-3 kW, Broadband Transducer (R209-FUR)Zoom

Airmar R209 —2-3 kW, Broadband Transducer (R209-FUR)

Item# R209-FUR
Meet the Biggest and Baddest! Want to increase your catch? Want to detect ground fish holding tight to the bottom in deep water? Want to mark bait fish as closely-spaced, individual fish? Then Airmar’s R209 is the answer. Airmar’s Broadband R209 can operate at ANY frequency between 33 kHz to 60 kHz and 130 kHz to 210 kHz. Adjusting the frequency allows you to change the R209's beamwidth and depth capabilities. For example, if you are bottom fishing in 61 m (200') of water, the narrow high-frequency beam will display extreme bottom detail and fish holding tight to structure. If you are tuna or marlin fishing in deep blue water, the wider, low-frequency beam will not only give deep-water bottom detail, but more importantly show you what is around your vessel—including bait which may attract game fish. With the R209, you choose the frequency for your fishing.

Fishing Applications
• Offshore and long-range blue-water fishing
• Commercial fishing
• Deep-water canyon and sea-mount tracking
• The top performer in Airmar’s professional line of fishfinder transducers
• Only 3 kW thru-hull transducer on the market that can operate at either 38 kHz or 50 kHz
• Recommended for commercial and sportfishing boats above 12 m (40’)
• Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensor
• Urethane housing
• Includes fairing and stainless steel stuffing tube

No connector, depth and temperature. It fits Furuno dual line units.

33 to 60 kHz
130 to 210 kHz
2 to 3 kW RMS

Manufacturer Part Numbers
Furuno NC—R209TIDN——Airmar—41-310-1-01
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