Airmar U200 USB Gateway NMEA 2000

Airmar U200 USB Gateway NMEA 2000
Item# WS2-USB

Product Description

Airmar U200 USB Gateway NMEA 2000
The U200 Gateway can interface with NMEA 2000® devices on a NMEA 2000 bus using a personal computer (PC). A simple plug-and-play installation allows GPS data, speed over ground (SOG), course over ground (COG), vessel heading, depth, speed, water temperature, weather data, and more to be displayed on your PC. Airmar’s WeatherCaster™ PC software comes standard with the U200 and acts as both a user interface to display the network data and also as a network analyzer tool. All NMEA 2000 network activity on the bus can be viewed and logged as needed.

Plug and Play to PC
NMEA 2000®
USB Connection
Devicenet Connection
For WeatherStations®
For Smart™ Sensors

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