American Fishing Wire Toothproof 1/4Lb CoilsZoom

American Fishing Wire Toothproof 1/4Lb Coils

Item# S0XC-.25
Raise your angling success to a higher level with Titanium Tooth Proof Leader Wire! This revolutionary leader wire stretches and recovers to set hooks and prevent bite-offs. Special smoke-black finish hides beneath the water ready to capture Barracuda, King Mackerel, Wahoo, and other toothy big game fish. The technologically advanced titanium alloy delivers dramatic kink resistance and flexibility. No more haywire twisting - you can tie Titanium Tooth Proof to bait and line using the Clinch and Albright knots. AFWs special blend of Titanium combines unequalled corrosion resistance and tremendous strength. Made in USA by AFW.
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