Bad Elf High Performance GPS f/iPod touch, iPhone & iPadZoom

Bad Elf High Performance GPS f/iPod touch, iPhone & iPad

Item# BE-GPS-1000
Bad Elf High Performance GPS f/iPod touch, iPhone & iPad
Land. Sea. Air. GPS Everywhere!

A growing number of general aviation and boating enthusiasts use the Bad Elf GPS with their iPad when flying, boating or enjoying the outdoors. Bad Elf is the first Apple approved, direct connect GPS accessory for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. The Bad Elf delivers high performance location awareness through a 66 Channel, 10 Hz capable, WAAS compatible (SBAS/EGNOS/MSAS) GPS receiver. The Bad Elf GPS feeds latitude, longitude, altitude, heading, speed and univeral time into the Core Location framework for any app that offers location awareness features.

By plugging into the Apple 30-pin dock connector found on the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad, the Bad Elf GPS quickly extends the usability of GPS enabled apps that need accurate GPS data. The Bad Elf GPS does not rely on cell tower assisted GPS to achieve a lock or determine position. The Bad Elf unit includes a satellite receiver and antenna that receive data directly from the GPS satellites. Locking on to up to 15 satellites, the Bad Elf supplies GPS data up to 10 times a second that can be accurate to within 9 feet (2.5 meters). This also means users will improve their GPS lock in urban canyons, in the air up to 60,000 feet, in the mountains, and on the water beyond where cell phone coverage exists.

The Bad Elf GPS accessories include a Micro-USB port and cable for pass through charging and syncing. Power or sync an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad while using the Bad Elf GPS. No need to worry about losing power on long trips, just use the vehicle power supply.

The Bad Elf GPS is small enough to fit in your pocket or on a keychain, so it is always there with you.

Be sure to download the Bad Elf Utility App from Apple's App Store. It displays details concerning position, accuracy and satellite data feeds.

Once you own your Bad Elf GPS and you need a few great iOS apps to feed your need. The Bad Elf team collects and categorizes apps to jump-start your investigation for the perfect fit, the place where you, your Bad Elf, your iOS device, and a great app achieve perfect balance.

Form Factor
About the size of a Quarter (US) or Euro (EUR) coin
Approximately the same thickness as your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch
Highly portable with a detachable lanyard for safe-keeping

Micro USB
Enables charging of iOS device
Allows syncing of iOS device

Connects to standard Apple 30-pin connector on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Compatible with most protective cases, arm bands, and car kits -- as long as they do not obstruct the 30-pin dock connector

Package Contains:
BE-GPS-1000 GPS device
3ft (90cm) Micro-USB cable for charging and syncing
Detachable Keychain Lanyard
Getting Started Card

GPS Technical Specs:
Fast GPS lock times (45 seconds or less)
2.5 meter accuracy
60k feet maximum altitude
1000 MPH maximum speed
Up to 10Hz position update rate
66-channel MTK GPS chipset

Product Specs:
Micro-USB port
Green status LED
30-pin dock connector
Upgradeable Firmware
Support for Assisted GPS
Dimensions: 1" x 1.3" x 0.3" (33mm x 27mm x 10mm)

iPod touch (1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th generations)
iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, & iPhone
iPad (3rd generation), iPad 2, iPad
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