Bahama Lure Bianca 50Zoom

Bahama Lure Bianca 50

BIANCA is a doorknob shaped lure designed around the big eye it features. The cupped face and radical contours of this head make it pop aggressively then dive deep all the while wriggling like a wounded bait. A great spot to pull this lure is the center flat, between and behind 2 larger baits on the short corners. If a young fish is raised by the big lures into the spread it often sees the big eyed BIANCA in the middle and will hit it with less hesitation than the big corner lures. Mahi and wahoo will crush this lure with total recklessness!

Good choice for trolling in rough and or following seas when the boat speed varies, the cupped face will hold the water well and help prevent the lure from breaking loose and skipping along the surface.

Skirt size: 50, 12 long. Recommended minimum line for rigging: 150#
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