The Bucket Grip

The Bucket Grip
Item# BTST

Product Description

Sometimes itís the simplest item that can save the biggest headache. If youíve ever had a 5 gallon bucket tip over on deck (or more importantly, the contents), youíll definitely want to check this out. The Bucket Grip is a simple rubber collar that fits snugly around the base of a 5 gallon bucket, creating a stable, non-skid bottom that prevents tipping or sliding. Designed specifically for use in the marine environment, this polypropylene and rubber collar is non-marking, UV-resistant, flexible, and very durable. And it can handle most anything you want to throw at it ó brushes, rods, cast nets, dive gear ó just fill it and forget it. Also wonít scratch fiberglass or teak boat decks. Fits standard commercial 5 gallon buckets and is available in either white or blue.

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