Digital PowerMax DA4500 Dual Band Cellular Booster - 12vDC Power CordZoom

Digital PowerMax DA4500 Dual Band Cellular Booster - 12vDC Power Cord

Item# DA4500
Digital Direct Connect Cellular Signal Amplifier
- North America 850 and 1900 MHz Bands (12 VDC)

Digital Antenna's new 32dB M2M amplifier provides maximum gain for more range on 850 and 1900 MHz networks. The DA4500 and DA4526 bi-directional amplifiers are the most powerful and efficient amplifiers on the market. An unsurpassed 32dB of gain grabs the weakest signals to make them usable. The DA4500's extremely sensitive front end and low noise figure allows maximum signal enhancement for the greatest improvement in data transfer. Exceptionally low power consumption makes the DA4500 ideal for use with battery backups and any M2M application, enhancing signals in the most remote and challenging areas.

The DA4500 includes a 12 VDC cigarette style power cable. Also available is the DA4526, which includes a 110 VAC power supply.

DUAL BAND: Operates on 850 or 1900 MHz frequency bands (except Nextel or iDEN).

FCC Equipment Authorization and Industry Canada Authorization.

M2M, Cellular Modems, Lotto Machines, ATMs, Cars, Trucks, Vans, Boats, Sailboats, Speedboats, Yachts, Commercial Vessels

Maximum signal enhancement
Powerful 32dB gain
Efficient max uplink power consumption < 5W
Standby power consumption < 1W
Extremely sensitive front end
Noise figure < 2.5dB
Greatest improvement for data transfer

DA4500 Includes:
32dB gain dual band cellular signal amplifier (DA4500)
12 VDC cigarette style power cable ( DP742 )
External antenna and adapter cable sold separately.
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