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Digital Yacht DIGWL400 WIFI Access Systems

Item# DIGWL400
Digital Yacht DIGWL400 WIFI Access Systems. The new WL400 allows boat owners to connect to wi-fi hot spots so that their on board PC?s or equipment can connect to the internet. With internet connectivity on board you can download the latest weather or chart updates as well as having a mobile office on board. Most harbours and ports have either free or subscription based services available

The all-in-one system features a 200mW booster/modem encapsulated in the base of a hi-gain (12dBm) antenna with a 5m (16ft) USB cable. The antenna measures 1m (3ft) and has an industry standard 1? x 14TPI mountings.

The WL400 connects to an on board PC through a regular USB connection with a plug ?n? play driver disk supplied for Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.3 (and higher) and LINUX* operating systems. It supports 802.11b/g protocols as well as WEP and WPA encryption.

Even if your system already has wi-fi access, this can be disabled and you can take advantage of the superior range (and speed) that this system will offer.

Wi-Fi range depends on many local factors but Digital Yacht have seen ranges of up to 3-4 miles with this low cost system. In general, using an internal wi-fi adaptor typically found on a notebook, you?ll be lucky to find the signal at the end of the dock so if you plan to access the internet whilst on board the WL400 could be the solution for you.

Ideal solution for semi-permanent installation
Simple Plug and Play USB connection
200mW wifi modem and high gain (12dBm) omni-directional antenna
Industry standard 1" x 14 TPI thread mount (mount not included)
Integrated 5m USB cable - can be extended with optional 5m USB Active Extender
USB Bus Powered
Windows XP/Vista/7 compatible
Mac OS X and LINUX* compatible
* The WL400 has not been tested with all LINUX distributions but all of the latest Debian based distributions should include the necessary drivers
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