Electramate Brute 802 Electric Fishing Reel

Electramate Brute 802 Electric Fishing Reel
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Product Description

The Brute 802 is the perfect model for recreational and tournament fishermen who want the flexibility of being able to switch spools or rods in seconds making this the most versatile piece of equipment on your boat. Use it for bottom fishing with super braid and switch spools to one with mono or wire line and the aluminum dredge / downrigger rod and use it to pull dredges or use it as a downrigger.

Shown with Light Action Fiberglass Boom

The Brute 802 includes:

8 X 1 Spool

Emergency Handle for hand cranking if power is lost.
Light Action Fiberglass Boom - 50 lb. class

30 degree stationary base or 90 degree stationary base to fit standard rod holders.

Line Capacity 150Lb-2,295yds; 250Lb-945lbs.


Brute 1" x 8" Extra Spool for 802 Reels
Brute 2" x 8" Extra Spool for 802 Reels

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