Garmin echo™ 101 Fishfinder w/Transom Mount TransducerZoom

Garmin echo™ 101 Fishfinder w/Transom Mount Transducer

Item# ECHO101
A great value for the money, the Garmin echo 101 is a powerfully simple to use fishfinder. It has a compact, space-saving design coupled with advanced sonar features you'd expect to find only on much higher-priced units. The built-in exclusive Garmin advanced HD-ID sonar gives you excellent target separation and fish arch definition on the crisp 4-inch, 256x160 pixel grayscale display. Single-beam (200 kHz) transmitter with 1,600W peak-to-peak power output dives down to a maximum depth of 1,300 feet. Includes a quick-release tilt/swivel mount, transducer, and versatile transom and trolling motor mounting kit to make installation a snap.

Excellent target separation and bottom tracking
Exclusive advanced HD-ID sonar includes transducer
Display: 4-inch diagonal / 4-level grayscale
Resolution: 256 x 160
Quick-release tilt/swivel mount and transom/trolling motor transducer included
Transmit power (RMS)/(Peak-To-Peak): 200W/ 1,600W
Includes water surface temperature
Frequency: 200 kHz
Max depth: 1,300 ft.
10V - 20V input

** If using an 8-Pin transducer, a 8-Pin to 4-Pin adapter cable is required **
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