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Ganz Eco-Energy Charge Controller Kit

Item# GCC-45AKIT
Ganz Eco-Energy Charge Controller
GCC-4.5A Kit
Includes: All Connections to hook up
to Ganz Semi-Flexible Solar Panels
(cables, ring terminals, wire nuts)

Smallest, most advanced & economical charge controller in the market and specially designed for Ganz Semi-Flexible Solar Panels. Ganz Eco-Energy Charge Controller prevents the battery from discharging through the solar array at night. There is no need to install a blocking diode.

Ganz Eco-Energy's technology provides:
Exceptional Reliability
PWM Battery Charging
Consistent High Quality
Low Cost

Optimized for use with Ganz Semi-Flexible Solar Panels
ISO 9002 Quality Programs
Temperature Compensation
Fully Encapsulated & Outdoor Rated.
Lightning protected
PWM Battery Charging
Series Design (not shunt) Max. Solar Watts 70W/Max. Volts 30V
5 Year Warranty
Full Installation Instructions Included
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