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Garmin GMR 604 xHD Radar 4ft/6kW Pedestal Array

Item# GMR604XHD
Garmin GMR 604 xHD

With the GMR 604 xHD open-array radar on your vessel, you'll get a better view of the open waters around you. This powerful radar offers high-definition digital technology for superior target detection and image resolution. And with 6 kW of power, the 4-foot GMR 604 xHD will bring more detail and focus to your onboard marine network.

More Power for Better Data
The GMR 604 xHD is a 4-foot scanner with 1.8x beamwidth and selectable 24/48 RPM rotation speeds. This high-performance radar comes standard with 6 kW of power behind you so you'll have a more accurate picture on your surroundings. The GMR 604 xHD also features high-definition technology so you'll get up to eight times more sampling data compared to our standard radar. With it, you'll get faster information acquisition and improved detection on small targets at a longer range.

Integrate With Ease
The GMR 604 xHD is easily added to your existing Garmin Marine Network. Once connected to the network, any network-compatible Garmin chartplotter can double as your radar screen. And as an aid to location-awareness, you can overlay the GMR 604 xHD radar image on the chartplotter's map page. You can also split the on-screen display so you can simultaneously view the map and standard radar or you can use the Dual Range feature to view close and distant targets on compatible 4000 and 5000-series chartplotters.

- Better Performance
Six times more video processing done in the scanner over the previous generation open-array radars

Up to 75% higher transmitter pulse rate, allowing more energy to be focused on each target

Improved transmitter design to provide a much sharper pulse

Dual Range mode displays two ranges simultaneously in a split-screen format on a single Garmin MFD display

- Better Resolution
Eight times faster sampling rate over the previous generation open-array radars

Four times better video resolution

- Track up to 10 MARPA targets for radar plotting and collision avoidance (with optional heading sensor)
- Garmin Marine Network Compatible
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