Marinco 6A On-Board Battery Charger - 12V - 1 BankZoom

Marinco 6A On-Board Battery Charger - 12V - 1 Bank

Item# 28106
Marinco Charge Pro™ Battery Chargers

These onboard chargers have the same housing and mounting dimensions as our traditional Charge Pro Guest chargers with a number of performance enhancements.

Charge flooded, AGM or Gel batteries
Microprocessor controlled for accurate charging
Universal input 120/230V input for go-anywhere freedom
Intuitive operation
Sense-Send™ technology senses the power needs of each battery and sends correct charge
Isolated outputs
Outputs can be put in series or parallel for higher voltage or current
Completely sealed, epoxy filled
IP68 waterproof
Designed for harsh marine and industrial environments - moisture, salt, shock and vibration tested
Non corroding housing for ultimate reliability
Meet global industry standards including UL*, CE, CSA, ABYC, California efficiency regulations (CEC)
Footprint same as former Charge Pro Guest Chargers
ConnectCharge Plug for easy assembly to inlet (Item #150CCI) with no wiring

* UL certification pending
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