Howard Miller Tide Mate III, Tide Clock

Howard Miller Tide Mate III, Tide Clock
Item# 645-527

Product Description

This round table clock features a silver-tone case, polished silver-tone feet and circular spun silver finished outer ring with dark blue screening of "High Tide" and "Low Tide.".

Dial is ocean blue with white graphics displaying the hour until next high and low tide.
Acrylic crystal with red arrow tide hand and silver second hand.
Red tide arrow identifies the approximate position of the high and low tides for the Atlantic Ocean. Please note: this is not a precision instrument intended to accurately predict the tides.
Includes a Velcro style hook and loop strip to hold the clock in place on your sea-bound vessel.

H 6-1/4" (16 cm) x W 6" (15 cm) x D 2" (5 cm)
Does not come with Battery Cover

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