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Kenyon City Portable Electric Grill

Item# B70200
Kenyon Portable City Grill™
Portable Electric Grill
We're movin' on up! With The Kenyon City Grill, you can now conveniently cook your favorite foods from your own apartment balcony, condo patio or even dorm kitchen. No need to sacrifice the joy of a great BBQ for life in the metropolis. We've designed The City Grill to exceed the requirements of city living where open flame grilling is prohibited. Its sleek engineering makes it virtually smokeless and without flare ups- a perfect fit for indoors or outdoors. Although we can't cure the pains of 5 o'clock traffic, we can promise a quick, easy and delectable dinner with The City Grill when you get home.

The Features:
Why You'll Love It...
• Portable electric grill
• Pre-heats in less than 7 minutes
• Even heat across the entire grilling surface
• Builds in easily to any countertop cutout
• Easy-to-use knob control with red "On" indicator light
• Made of weather resistant & rust proof Marine grade 304 stainless steel
• Cooking grate exceeds 500F for food grilled to perfection
• Concealed electric element eliminates flare ups
• Double coated non-stick grilling surface is dishwasher safe
• Removable lid for quick and easy clean up
• Handles on each end of enclosure for convenient transport
• Add flavor to your food by simply adding a variety of liquids to the disposable drip tray
• Fire-safe, flame-free, no smoke cooking

What Comes With It...
• 1 burner (1300 watts)
• Available in 120V (11 amp)
• 155 square inches of grilling surface
• Angular lid with oval flange
• L: 21" / W: 12" / H: 5.5" (9" with lid) (533.4mm x 304.8mm x 139.7mm (228.6mm with lid)
• Built-in GFCI power cord for ultimate protection
• 3-year product replacement warranty
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