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Kenyon Revolution Portable Electric Grill

Item# B70202
Kenyon Revolution Portable Electric Grill
Do you want a Revolution? We think that you might. Dare to fight against the old, hazardous ways of grilling and enjoy sweet freedom from charcoal and gas tanks. Our Revolution All Seasons™ Portable Electric grill has eliminated the threat of flare-ups and restored safety to your cooking experience. It’s kickin’ gas and takin’ names. Made from the strongest stainless steel in its class.

Why You'll Love It...
• Portable electric grill
• Pre-heats in less than 7 minutes
• Cooking grate exceeds 500F for food grilled to perfection
• Double coated non-stick grilling surface is dishwasher safe
• Easy-to-use analog control with red "On" light indicator
• Even heat across the entire grilling surface
• Made of weather resistant & rust proof Marine grade 304 stainless steel
• Add flavor to your food by simply adding a variety of liquids to the disposable drip tray
• Concealed electric element eliminates flare ups
• Removable lid for quick and easy clean up
• Builds in easily to any countertop cutout
• Fire-safe, flame-free, no-smoke cooking
• UL approved for indoor & outdoor use

What Comes With It...
• 1 burner (1300 watts)
• Available in 120V (11 amp)
• 155 square inches of grilling surface
• Oval lid with oval flange
• Built-in GFCI cord for ultimate protection
• L: 21" / W: 12' / H: 5.5" (9.5" with lid) (533.4mm x 304.8mm x 127mm (228.6mm with lid)
• 3-year product replacement warranty
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