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Kenyon Texan Built-In Electric Grill

Item# B70400
Kenyon Texan Built-In Electric Grill
Push your propane tanks and charcoal bags out of the way because there’s a new sheriff in town. Meet the Texan All Seasons™ Electric Grill... fire safe, flame free and cooks up big taste! With two separate grilling surfaces each armed with individual heat control, this sharp shooter kills time and gives you two grills in one. Its nonstick grate brands the meat, leaving you with the satisfaction of traditional BBQ marks. This impressive grill will prove to your friends and family that this ain’t your first rodeo.

Why You'll Love it...
• 2 separate grilling surfaces with independent heat control
• Waterproof digital touch control panel for precise heat control
• Visual indication for heat settings
• Pre-heats in less than 7 minutes
• Split rectangular insulated lids prevent accidental burns
• Automatic shut-down in 60 to 90 minutes
• Concealed electric element eliminates flare ups
• Both cooking grates temperature exceed 500F for food grilled to perfection
• Add flavor to your food by simply adding a variety of liquids to the disposable drip tray
• Fire-safe, flame-free, no-smoke cooking
• Made of weather resistant & rust proof Marine grade 304 stainless steel

• Double coated non-stick grilling surface is dishwasher safe
• Lids are easily removed for quick clean up

What Comes With It...
• 2 burners (1300 watts)
• 240 volts (11 amp)
• 310 square inches of grilling surface
• Rectangular lid with rectangular flange
• Includes 2 non-stick grilling grates
• L: 29" / W: 21" / H: 5.5" (12.5" with lid) (736mm x 534mm x 139.7mm (317.5mm with lid)
• Exclusive 3-year product replacement warranty
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