KVH Tracvision M5 Satellite TV Antenna US ConfiguredZoom

KVH Tracvision M5 Satellite TV Antenna US Configured

Item# 01028601SL
You want the best for your boat, and with the high-performance, 18" diameter, HDTV-ready TracVision M5 satellite TV system, you' ve got it. Quality, reliability, durability - the TracVision M5 stays locked on and connects you to the premium satellite TV entertainment you want. Add KVH's exclusive Tuna Tower Upgrade for outstanding performance in even the most extreme conditions. Plus, the new TracVision M5 includes KVH's exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology, giving you 30% greater reception and more range than any other 18" system so you can enjoy satellite TV where no 18" marine satellite TV antenna system has ever worked before! Now a trip offshore doesn't have to mean time away from your home theater!

Planning to cruise through U.S. waters? Enjoy High -Definition (HDTV) programming from DIRECTV and completely automatic satellite switching right from your remote control, just like home, with KVH's exclusive HDTV Tri-Sat AutoSwitch™ option.


Includes an ultra-high efficiency 18″ diameter antenna with proprietary RingFire technology for outstanding reception and signal gain when heading offshore in boats 40-60 ft.
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