KVH Tracvision M5 Satellite TV with Gyrotrac US ConfiguredZoom

KVH Tracvision M5 Satellite TV with Gyrotrac US Configured

Item# 01028611SL
You want the best for your boat, and with the high-performance, 18" diameter, HDTV-ready TracVision M5 satellite TV system, you' ve got it. Quality, reliability, durability - the TracVision M5 stays locked on and connects you to the premium satellite TV entertainment you want. A dd KVH's exclusive Tuna Tower Upgrade for outstanding performance in even the most extreme conditions. Plus, the new TracVision M5 includes KVH's exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology, giving you 30% greater reception and more range than any other 18" system so you can enjoy satellite TV where no 18" marine satellite TV antenna system has ever worked before! Now a trip offshore doesn't have to mean time away from your home theater!

Planning to cruise through U.S. waters? Enjoy High -Definition (HDTV) programming from DIRECTV and completely automatic satellite switching right from your remote control, just like home, with KVH's exclusive HDTV Tri-Sat AutoSwitch™ option.


Includes an ultra-high efficiency 18″ diameter antenna with proprietary RingFire technology for outstanding reception and signal gain when heading offshore in boats 40-60 ft.
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