Lehr Propane Outboard Marine Engines

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Blue Ocean. Green Technology. Welcome to LEHR Marine Motors.
The world’s first propane powered outboard engines. LEHR introduced it’s 2.5hp, 5hp and 9.9hp engines in 2012 and has already received numerous awards for their efforts towards keeping our oceans clean.

The LEHR Story

The ideas behind LEHR Incorporated were born during a series of long, cold nights spent converting gasoline engines to run on propane aboard the research vessel the Sea Surveyor at work in the North Sea. Having already used propane to power small engines on several other ships in his years at sea, Captain Bernardo Jorge Herzer CEO and founder of LEHR knew he had something. "Propane is just safer, more efficient and more reliable," said Captain Herzer, "that's why we used it on our ships." Five years later, with corporate offices, and an R&D center at its "green" headquarters in Los Angeles, California, LEHR is now a groundbreaking leader in the research and development of environmentally friendly technology.
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