Navionics Platinum SD Card - South AmericaZoom

Navionics Platinum SD Card - South America

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Navionics Platinum South America East

SOUTH AMERICA NORTHEAST, CENTRAL BRAZIL, SOUTH BRAZIL, ARGENTINA From Trinidad and Tobago to Cape Horn to Isla Hanover, including Ilhas Martin Vaz, Ilha da Trindade, Atol das Rocas, Arquipelago de Fernando de Noronha, Golfo San Matias, Golfo San Jorge, Bahia Grande, Strait of Magellan, Falkland islands, South Georgia.
(*Limited Platinum features, 3D View and Top-down Photo/Chart Overlay only.)

Navionics Platinum+ South America West
SOUTH AMERICA NORTH WEST, SOUTH WEST, SOUTH EAST From Panama to Cape Horn to Bahia Blanca including Archipielago de Colon, Strait of Magellan, the Falkland Islands and Cape Disappointment.

Navionics Platinum + Navionics charts with 3D depth images, aerial images and satellite images
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