PDQ 7005-KIT Orion WIFI Booster KitZoom

PDQ 7005-KIT Orion WIFI Booster Kit

Item# PDQ7005KIT
The Orion Plus Ethernet Wi-Fi Amplifier Kit uses ethernet to connect to the Internet, making it a great solution for setting up networks or wirelessly connecting to the web
The ethernet connection ensures that there will be no signal loss
Increase the speed of your Internet connection and make sure you can connect at any marina with the Orion kit
Works with multiple computers and other wi-fi antennas
Lightweight and rugged
Comes with all tools needed to have a network up and running quickly

For Connecting Wi-Fi Devices Wirelessly:
Copiers / Printers
X-Box 360, Playstation 3

100mW b, g, & n Amplifier
9dBi Antenna
110V AC to 15V DC Power Inserter
10ft CAT5E Cable
7ft CAT5E Cable
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