PDQ 8002-KIT Broadcast WIFI Multi Point SystemZoom

PDQ 8002-KIT Broadcast WIFI Multi Point System

Item# PDQ8002KIT
The Broadcast Wi-Fi Pro Kit allows you to set up a Wi-Fi access point that anyone with a Wi-Fi connection can access within 5 miles. Create the most convenient solution for guests to surf the web at your marina, hotel, store, RV park, or truck stop!

Pre-programmed amplifier and router for quick and simple installation
800mw amplifier for up to 5 mile range
The cable running between the wireless antenna / amplifier and the wireless router can be of any length because there is no signal loss
Direct connection between the antenna and amplifier results in superior performance
Long cable runs without signal loss or signal degradation
Maximum reach at a low cost

RV Parks
Hotels / Motels
Truck Stops
Data Collection
Wireless Security Camera Systems
Video Streaming

Ubiquiti Bullet - Up to 800mw Ethernet Amplifier - 802.11 b, g, & n
Outside Wi-Fi Omni Directional Antenna
Heavy Duty Marine Rail or Mast Antenna Mount
Alfa W411 Wi-Fi N Router
25ft Outdoor UV Grounded CAT5 Cable
5ft CAT5 Cable
110V AC Power Inserter
Quick Start Guide
Warranty is supplied by Ubiquitiy, and PDQ Connect
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