Rapala 8" Finn Thinn Fillet Knife

Rapala 8" Finn Thinn Fillet Knife
Item# BP708SH1

Product Description

Soft-grip handle with an extremely thin eight-inch blade that mimics knives used by commercial fisherman that have narrowed after years of sharpening. Plenty of flexibility and strength when filleting. Includes black sheath with belt loop plus single-stage sharpener that easily restores the original razor-sharp edge time after time. Handle: Thermoplastic Soft Grip. Sheath: Artificial Leather. Blade: Handground Stainless Steel. Actual blade length may vary slightly due to hand craftsmanship.

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Comfort Soft Grip Handle
Textured Handle Finish for sure grip
Safety Finger Guard
Thin Blade made of Handground Stainless Steel
Strong Flexible Tip
Includes Single-Stage Sharpener

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