Salt Armour Gimbal Cover

Salt Armour Gimbal Cover
Item# SABC
$12.99, 2 for $25.00

Product Description

Salt Armour's patented Gimbal Cover design provides the maximum amount of protection for rods equipped with aluminum butts. Whether you are out fishing, transporting your rod, or storing it, the Gimbal Cover effortlessly endures the beating your rod would otherwise take. And unlike the available alternatives such as mushroom caps, the Salt Armour Gimbal Cover never has to be removed from the rod thanks to its patented design that allows the gimbal to lock into any standard rod holder.

Not only does the Gimbal Cover protect your rod, but it also provides excellent protection for your deck, whether it is fiberglass, teak, or any other surface.
By installing a Salt Armour Gimbal Cover on your rod you will no longer have to be concerned about scarring, nicking, scratching, denting, or damaging any surface of your boat, which means more fishing, and less worrying about potential damage that could cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars.
Made for Aftco metal butts, just choose the appropriate size for your rods and press it in, no glue. Salt Armour is almost transparent and it will not alter the look of your rods.

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