Shakespeare 5412P 2' Dual Band Cellular AntennaZoom

Shakespeare 5412P 2' Dual Band Cellular Antenna

Item# 5412P
Galaxy Style 5412-P 2 ft. (0.60 M) Dual Band Cellular 3dB

800/900 MHz and 1900 MHz Cellular

This compact powerhouse is specially designed for power boats. The Galaxy 5412-P is fitted with a stainless steel ferrule and N connector for mast mounting.

Brass and copper elements to maximum range
Stainless Steel ferrule with standard 1-inch 14- thread
Female "N" connector on antenna
One section
Best applications include: Power Boats; for small to medium Power and similar types of vessels.

Suggested mount(s): 4187 5187

Galaxy 5412-P Specifications
Band: Dual Band Cellular
Antenna Gain: 3dB
Max. Input Power: Cellular watts
SWR: Less than 1.5:1 at 852.65 MHz;
Less than 1.5:1 at 1918.7 MHz;
Bandwidth: 96 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR (800/900 MHz band)
140 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR (1900 MHz band)
Ferrule: Stainless steel
Color/finish: Galaxy White
DC Ground: No DC Ground - The antenna will read open on continuity test.
Shakespeare Limited Warranty: 5 years
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