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Stone Crap Traps 5-Pack

Item# SCTP-5
Heavy duty plastic, easy to assemble. Low maintenance design.
These traps are rugged and will endure many years of hard use. Traps are extremely durable, can be stacked, and have heavy lids that are attached to the trap. The most popular stone crab trap on the market.

All assembly material provided. Assembly four sides that slide together with interlocking corners.
Installation of hinges and funnel with stainless steel screws provided. Assembled size is: 16" x 16" x 12". 5 Traps per box.

Assembling Instructions

Crab Trap Assembly with Bottom Frame
The box contains all parts to assemble 5 crab traps.

(1) 15 closed sides
(2) 5 open side
(3) 5 top frames
(4) 5 lids
(5) 5 funnels
(6) 5 bait cups
(7) 5 escape wood
(8) 10 latches
(9) 5 bottom frames
(10) 150-1/2 inch s.s screws, 5-3/4 inch s.s. screws, 10-1 inch s.s screws

Tools needed to assemble: a rubber mallet and a battery or electric drill with phillips tip.

Note: these traps will have the smooth finish on the outside.

Install escape wood on the open side by screwing the linch screws into wood.
You will need 1 open side and 3 close sides to form a square.
Make sure the smooth edges are on bottom.
Install top frame with B&D logo on side over escape wood panel, push frame down on one corner with one hand and screw one 1/2 inch screw about one inch from corner.
Turn trap around until all corners are fastened to frame, then isntall one screw about one inch off center, you should have used 12 screws.
Install the bottom frame just like the top frame with the same quantity of screws.
Install bait cup on corner opposite the escape wood by using one 3/4 inch screw.
Install lid by sliding tabs into slots on top frame.
Install funnel on lid by using four 1/2 inch screw on predrilled holes.
Install the two latches on frame by using two 1/2 screws.
Place traps on a sheet of plywood and pour about 11/2 inches of concrete from bottom.
Let concrete set for 24hours, tie rope with bouy to trap, fill bait cup with bait.
Now you are ready to set your traps.
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