Todd Stand-Up Battle Station

Todd Stand-Up Battle Station
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Product Description

Todd Stand-Up Battle Station
Tournament anglers around the world agree the Todd Battle Station is tops in its class. Perfect for dedicated small boat anglers, The Battle Station provides control and support to fight big fish while reducing fatigue and conserving angler energy. It rotates a full 360 degrees and has a locking mechanism for maximum flexibility. This is the safe, easy and efficient way to take big game standing up.

Package includes:
- Cushioned Rod Support for trolling
- Heavy Duty Security Belt
- 31" to 41 1/2" Adjustable Height
- Anodized Aluminum Pedestal
- Cast aluminum gimbal
- 9" 6 Hole Base

Outside dimensions: 16 1/2"(d) x 31"(w) x 41"(h)

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