Iland Lures Ilander

Iland Lures Ilander
Item# IL400

Product Description

One of the finest all-purpose offshore trolling lures made today. World renowned among tournament fishermen as a “fish producer.” Ideal for Marlin, Sailfish, Wahoo, Tuna, Dolphin and King Mackerel. Features a weighted bullet head which allows this lure to be pulled at higher trolling speeds. Commonly, rigged with a large or Horse Ballyhoo and trolled 6 to 8-1/2 knots.

8-1/4" Long — 2-1/2 OZ.


Iland Lures Pro Rig
Iland Lures Pro Rig
Match your Iland lure with a Pro Rig. Pro Rigs include a double hook set matching the size of your lure, 480Lb stainless steel cable or monofilament leader and an under skirt rigged with and egg sinker for wahoo lures. All lures are rigged with extra strong crimps and thimbles or chaffe tubing.
We will rig the lure for you when ordered at the same time.

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