Victorinox All Purpose Kitchen Shears 4" steel blades

Victorinox All Purpose Kitchen Shears 4" steel blades
Item# 87770

Product Description

Victorinox Kitchen Shears are handy accessories to have around the kitchen for a myriad of tasks. These Victorinox knife accessories are more than your normal pair of scissors. For starters, their dual stainless steel blades are sharp enough to cut through stubborn food packaging, raw meat, and sinewy vegetables. Victorinox Swiss Army has also integrated a toothed bottle opener into the handles of the Victorinox Bottle Opening Kitchen Shears, adding even more functionality to the scissors. The handles of these sharp knife accessories are built out of comfortable nylon, available in your choice of red or black. For an easy to use pair of utility scissors for use around the kitchen or the home, choose the Victorinox Utility Scissors

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