MFS Custom Deep Drop Rigs

MFS Custom Deep Drop Rigs
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MFS Yellow Eye Deep Drop Rigs Mutu Style Circle Hooks
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5 hook rigs, 200Lb main line with 3-way swivels and large glow beads.
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MFS Deep Drop Vermillion Rigs 3/0 Mutu Light  Style Circle Hooks
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5 x 3/0 hook rigs, 130Lb main line, 3-way swivels, large soft glow beads.
MFS Deep Drop Tilefish Rigs
3 x 7/0 Mutu Light Style hooks and a 100Lb main line, 3-way swivels, mini glow squids and large glow beads, on all hook connections. Better when used on a L-Shape metal bar.
 MFS Deep Drop Mustad 39965 Rigs
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Deep drop Rigs for large Groupers and other large deep water fish. All rigs have heavy mono leader line and heavy duty swivels and sleeves.
Cubera Snapper Rig
Cubera Snapper Rig
If your target is a cubera, this is the set-up to take with you alongside a lobster or a crab for bait.

25ft of 250Lb pink monofilament connected with a heavy swivel. The hook is a 9/0 7691S style hook with a ST-66 Owner 5/0 4X strength hook as a stinger. Stinger is connected with #12 Wire with a Haywire Twist.

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