Planer Set-Up

Planer Set-Up
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LP Primeline® Monofilament 100 Yard Coils
LP Primeline® Monofilament 100 Yard Coils. 1.6mm, 250 Lb test.
UV Resistant Rubber Bands 1Lb Bag
UV resistant High Heat Tolerant rubber band, designed for use in drying operations where the bands are exposed to direct sunlight. In addition to the UV protection these bands can take both cold and hot temperature extremes. 1 Lb bag.
Double Snap Swivel
Barrel Swivel with Snap on Each End. Use on planes, downriggers and to make quick connections on dredges. Black. 2 per pack.
Sea Striker Planers
Sea Striker #1 Planer

The planer takes your lure down deep without heavy sinkers. While in trolling position, the planer runs at 45º angle. When a fish is hooked, it returns to the surface. All sizes feature a rugged stainless steel blade and large brass ring to assure a clean trip. Sizes 1, 2, and 3 are packaged in bag with header. Suitable for pegboard or bulk display. Other sizes to be hung by ring or displayed bulk. Models 4 and 5 are also available braced. Deluxe planer is approximately 10” long with a brace running across the bottom, tying the planer wire and blade together. This keeps your planer in tune and running straight.

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