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MFS Custom Rigs & Ready to Fish Rigs
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MFS Custom Big Game Lure Rigging
Ballyhoo Circle Hook Rigging for Trolling
Mullet Circle Hook Rigging for Tolling Useful Links
Tens of links with rules, regulations and information for the outdoors enthusiast.
Gerry Rig Live Bait Clip
Daytime Swordfish Rig
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Miami Marine Forecast
Click for South Florida Marine Forecast
Surf Forecast & Surf Reports
Surf Forecast & Surf Reports nationswide
Nighttime Sworfish Rig
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Tilefish Deep Drop Rig
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Planer Set-Up
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Lindgren Pitman 24V-32V Wiring InstructionsLP S-1200 Wiring Instructions
Use a minimum of 8 gauge tinned wire between the battery and receptacle with a 30 amp breaker or 50 amp slow blow fuse on the + side as close to the battery as possible. The red wire is the +, the black is the -.

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