Sufix Monofilament 1/4lb SpoolsZoom

Sufix Monofilament 1/4lb Spools

Item# Sufix14
While there are a number of features to consider in choosing saltwater lines and leaders..."strength" tops the list. Sufix Superior is incredibly strong with one of the highest tensile strength ratings of any premium monofilament. And no other mono offers the low stretch and fast recovery of Superior. That's why top captains - including many tournament money winners - won't leave the dock without Sufix Superior lines and leaders. Superior offers an excellent balance of the essential physical properties needed for high performance fishing. Available in Clear or High Visibility Yellow. 10lb - 1495yds
12lb - 1100yds
15lb - 840yds
20lb - 670yds
30lb - 450yds
40lb - 370yds
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